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Friday, April 16, 2004

First Post

It occured to me that instead of 'trying to write a book' on songwriting, or leaving various text files and word documents scattered on my hard drive where I would NEVER get around to dealing with them, it would be better for me to actually post my thoughts as I go on a Blogg. That way, I can always look back at my ramblings when I get a bit stuck, and also help other people in the process.

Some post will be long and rambling as I lay my ideas out, some will be short and sweet should I have a 3am moment of inspiration. Whenever I have an idea it will be put up on these pages, so sometimes they will be sporadic, and I am sure that sometimes I may go back to posts written in the past and have no idea where my head was at.

This Blogg will not have ANY songs of my own posted up, only my ideas and mental excercises for 'lateral thinking' my way out of songwriters block. My first posts will obviously be my current thoughts on songwriting and how I go about tackling the different 'states' one has to enter to get the job done, but hopefully as I go things will develop and I will teach myself as I go along and change the way I work for the better.

Over time I hope this Blog will contain advice and tips on songwriting by myself and others, a discussion of the various problems associated with songwriting, publishing and the business side of being a songwriter and more links on how to get your songs published and performed by others. There are a lot of songwriting rescources on the internet but they tend to be more about 'How to make money by becoming a songwriter' and 'You too can become a songwriter' instead of focusing on the art and craft of songwriting for it's own sake.

Songwriting can be extremely rewarding and I hope that other songwriters will find these pages useful.

As I'm sure you are aware, this entire introduction post is to ensure I get some hits on this website! There's a lot of sites out there and it's hard to be heard! So please forgive me that I have said the words song, composing, lyrics and songwriting so much. It's so any songwriters out there get to find out about my web page on Google.


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