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Monday, April 19, 2004

Theme tunes


Here's one way of getting off the mark when you're feeling a little
creatively challenged.

Choose your favourite film. Then write the imaginary theme song for the film.
Not theme MUSIC but theme SONG.

It's important that you chose a film that you know well and care about.

You could write the intro song - something quite striking to set up the film.
Your song could be something that comes at a pivotal moment in the film.
Your song could be on the end credits, a 'summing up' of the film for instance.

This 'theme song' could be a general 'vibe' about the film.

However, it could also be the theme song to one of the main characters. This is interesting because it could show another side to the character that we may not immediately know. (A tough guy having a romantic theme for instance) Also, when you start writing about fictionalized characters they slowly draw parallels with your own experience as you write.

James Bond's theme tune shows many elements of his character. It's exciting, romantic, suave and cool in varying degrees at different parts of the theme. However, concentrate on just one side of the character if you're going to write a song like this, throw 'new light' on just one side of his personality.

Recently I wrote the imaginary theme tune to a film that didn't exist. I came out with very broad melodies that I may not have written had I sat down to write a 'song'. Once I started putting words to the tune of course it all changed, but it was a good starting point.

I wonder what Travis Bickle's theme song would be? I wonder what the theme song would be for American Beauty or Lost In Translation? Who knows, but you have to admit, it gets your creative juices flowing.

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